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Academy Information


Attendance is one area that the school is keen to monitor. Whilst many of our students have excellent attendance some are struggling to keep above the required 95% government target. As in previous years we would like to reiterate the following:


  • Absence during term time is strongly discouraged - please understand that we do not have any leeway with regard to absences during school term time. Referral to Education Services may be considered where the student has particularly poor attendance; has already been removed from school during the school year; or misses an examination due to an absence.
  • Please arrange all routine medical and dental appointments during half term or after 2.30pm. We do understand that hospital and orthodontic appointments are subject to availability.
  • Please remember to call in on each and every morning of a student’s absence (01778 422365) or text on 07860002553, please remember to state the name of the student concerned and the nature of their absence. 
  • If you child has a medical condition or other reason which may affect their attendance, please contact their form tutor, Transition Phase Leader or our Attendance Manager so that we can provide as much help and support as necessary.



Frequently Asked Questions

Click here to view our Year 7 Uniform List for 2015-2016. Please note that ties will be green & black and ideally clip-on.
Click here to view a sample Year 7 timetable.
If you have any further questions, please contact Mrs Scotney, on 01778 391207 or e-mail .

Kingswood Residential Trip – Overstrand, Norfolk

All of our new Year 7s are offered the chance to go on the Kingswood Residential Trip to Overstrand Hall in Norfolk. This takes place over a weekend at the beginning of September 2016 and gives students the opportunity to make new friends and increase their confidence and teamwork skills. The trip costs approximately £115 – the exact cost and further details are sent out nearer the time. You can visit the Kingswood website by clicking here.

Bourne Academy Site Map

We know that the most common worry for students when they join us in Year 7 is getting lost.  All Year 7s have a copy of the school map in their student planner which is given to them when they start.  A copy of the map is available below.
General Site Map


Another common worry is homework.  In Year 7 the introduction of homework is staggered across Term 1 to allow the new intake time to adjust to the demands of secondary education.
Below are some examples of homework.

- In Year 7 the students at Bourne Academy will learn a wide range of knowledge and skills:

Design the layout of a website

Design a poster on e-safety

Explain the difference between vector and bitmap images

Create a flow diagram on how a ride works

Design a computer game

- Design and draw a laboratory safety poster
- Design and make an electric switch – to be tested next lesson
- Test household materials with universal indicator paper and record findings in a table
- Produce a poster about acid rain


Year 7 Kingswood Residential Trip

Year 7 Kingswood Residential Trip - Monday 9th September - Sunday 11th September 2016.