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Sixth Form Life

Department Volunteers

Students are encouraged to volunteer one period a week of their time to support a department of their choice. This could be in a subject they have chosen to study at A Level, to encourage and enthuse younger students or, it could be a subject that they enjoyed at GCSE but are unable to study at  A Level.

Peer Mentoring

Students volunteer to mentor younger students in School. They will be allocated a set student in order to build a positive relationship and support the younger student  during their time in the school.

Work Placement Programme

Everyone in Year 12 is expected to take part in some form of Work Placement.

This is the chance to explore potential career options or to build the skill set students may need to reach their future goal.

Work experience can take a variety of forms:

Regular and appropriate weekly work placement, linked to students careers choices, arranged by the student locally during a suitable slot on their timetable.

A week-long work placement, which would have to be Week 1 of Term 6 if all exams/coursework projects have been completed.

Holiday time work placements: for example, Easter, half term or summer schools.

The Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme

This leading youth charity gives all young people the chance to  develop skills for work and life, fulfil their potential and have a brighter future.  Whilst the award does not attract specific UCAS points, both universities and employers recognise this achievement as  contributing to a well-rounded individual.

The House System

In which Sixth Formers have the opportunity to take a leading part.

Charity Events

The School actively encourage Sixth Formers to organise fundraising events eg Children in Need and Comic Relief.


We recognise students’ desire for independence but our experience shows that a student derives the maximum benefit from a course only when the School and parents together give firm support.  In addition to formal meetings and written reports, parents will be most welcome to approach the School at any time to discuss any matter concerning a student’s welfare or progress.